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Scott's complaint against British Airways

Scott Minarik


Cabin too hot international flight couldn't sleep was miserable

Complaint against British Airways

I just flew British Airways from San Jose California to Amsterdam on May 17-18 I paid for first class and as soon as the first meal was served the cabin grew VERY uncomfortably warm. I thought something must be wrong with the air conditioning. I couldn't sleep and was sweating. I noticed some other passengers stripping off their pajamas under their blankets clearly feeling overly warm as well. I couldn't take it anymore I called a stewardess over and asked to be moved to another part of the plane. She realized the problem and apologized. She said another passenger (an old man) had said he was cold so they turned the temperature up several degrees fahrenheit for a few hours. The warm air must have been trapped in first class because of the heavy curtains. I was furious!!!!!!! I told her it wasn't ok to ruin a whole cabin full of people's trip because of one old man with some temperature problem!!!!!!! She turned the heat down but it was too late. It took 1st class another hour to cool down and by then breakfast was served and I never slept, was sweaty and gross and felt awful. The IDIOTIC CREW RUINED MY FLIGHT!!!!! and probably several other passengers by the sweaty and bedraggled look if them. I talked to another man in first class and he said he was far too warm and uncomfortable as well but like me, thought the temperature in the cabin was set. I didn't pay $8,000 dollars to have the damned crew ruin my flight because of one selfish old man with a thyroid problem. I would have vented my anger to the captain but was afraid of being arrested beaten up like that doctor on the news if I raised my voice. I feel powerless and angry as hell. I will never fly this damed airline again after that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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