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Brian's complaint against British Airways

Brian McGeechan


Flight delayed due to fog at Heathrow connection missed no assistance given to get accommodation etc

Complaint against British Airways

On 1st November,2015 our flight from Edinburgh to Heathrow (BA 1447 ) was delayed due to fog at Heathrow. Staff at Edinburgh were spoken to and informed me that there would be staff to assist us with connecting flight to Sydney (also with BA, flight number BA15) when we got off the flight at Heathrow. No staff were there when we arrived at Heathrow. We therefore made our way to connections desk where the male member of staff scanned our boarding cards but they would not scan properly. He then directed us to an adjacent desk where there was already a queue with no staff present. I pointed this out to the staff member who told us to go to BA desk without telling us where it was and ushered us away from his desk. Eventually we made our way to 3rd floor where the BA desk was situated. On approaching the desk we were intercepted by another male who enquired as to our problem. He then directed us to area / desk F and informed us that a hotel would be found for us to spend the night and we would be rebooked onto another flight to Sydney. On approaching area / desk F we were stopped by two members of staff who prevented us from joining the queue saying that the queue was closed. I pointed out that we had been directed there and that we were travelling with my 81yr old mother. These members of staff handed me a booklet which informed me that BA would pay for a hotel for us, pay for transport to and from the hotel, and for food. I was told to get on with booking a hotel myself. I tried all of the phone numbers only to discover that all hotels were full. By this time it was well after 11pm and we were all in need of something to eat and drink. There were no places open as they had all closed at 11pm. We returned to area / desk F where I found that the staff that had been on duty had now left leaving a large number of passengers ( probably about 200 ) with no assistance. I discovered that the desk would re open at 05.00 and was issued with a yellow tag with instructions that those with these tags would be seen first. We were not offered any form of hot drinks or food throughout the night and were left to sit on the hard, cold uncomfortable seats. About 04.00 I realised that a queue had formed at the desk and that there was already approximately 100 people waiting. I joined the queue at this time. At 05.00 one member of staff arrived to assist the waiting queue. Other members of staff gradually arrived and we were eventually seen about 06.45. We were booked on another airline Malasian Airways flight number MH003 going via Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. We were given a voucher for £10 each to get food and told to make our way from terminal 5 to terminal 4. We eventually arrived in Sydney approximately 15 hours after our original scheduled time of arrival. We discovered that Our luggage was still at Heathrow. It finally arrived at 21.30 hours two days later.

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