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jessica's complaint against British Airways

jessica lennard


Lost emergency medication my own fault, according to British Airways!

Complaint against British Airways

BA has now lost my bag 3 times in the last 12 months - that's once a quarter. Once with a bridesmaid's dress in it; once a ruined ski holiday with no skis; and now with all my medications in it. They have also lost the bags of the couple whose wedding I was at. Great start to their honeymoon! BA has tried, incompetently, to sort it out but the relationship with the courier, Citybagsluggage, basically means BA is utterly incapable of resolving the situation. The bag should have been delivered to my office during office hours but it didn't turn up. I had to chase yesterday evening, only to be told by BA that it would be delivered, but at 9pm, when my office was closed. Apparently the couriers wouldn't change the address to my home one, despite both BA and me asking them to do so. It still hasn't turned up. I have been left without an asthma inhaler and without my heart medication, without which I suffer from palpitations and cardiac arrhythmia. I would have gone to the Dr yesterday to get emergency meds, but by the time it became clear I wasn't getting the bag it was too late. I was up all night panicking and am distraught today. I will have to go to my GP or A&E this afternoon if it doesn't turn up. The kicker is that BA have admitted they are totally impotent once the bag has gone to the courier, and keep directing me to the Citybagsluggage website and phone number, but they do not answer the phone. At all. Ever. I have waited hours. When I tried to contact BA on twitter in desperation yesterday to explain about the meds they told me 'BA advises passengers to keep medication in their handluggage'. This blatant disregard for my health and wellbeing, as well as the huge inconvenience and total incompetence is utterly unjustifiable for what is supposed to be an above average service from a well-loved brand, and for which we are asked to pay a significant premium. I have wasted half the day yesterday and today trying to sort it out when I'm supposed to be working and I still have no response to my original complaint to BA from Monday evening. Please please help!

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