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Nicola's complaint against British Airways

Nicola Jordan


Stewardess dropped a bag on my head - gave only 250GBP compensation

Complaint against British Airways

On 20th July I travelled on BA16 with my 3 month old daughter and 2 year old daughter. Towards the end of the flight the stewardess aggressively shoved our bags in the overhead locker. One bag fell out while she was doing this and landed on my 3 months old from the same height as the overhead locker. My daughter sustained a bruise on her forehead. Paramedics were offered when we departed the flight, yet we were told it would take nearly an hour for them to arrive. My connection to Manchester (BA1382) was in an hour and so, with 2 small children, I chose to take this flight rather than wait for the paramedics. My daughter subsequently, though injured, recovered fortunately. I have since written to BA five times about this incident expecting compensation. The first time I got an apology, the second time they offered 100GBP, the third time they offered 200GBP, the fourth time they offered 250GBP. Each time the offer of compensation came with a legal document I was expected to sign that stated if I accepted the compensation, I was effectively silenced on the issue. When I wrote for the 5th time indicating how much more expensive the cost of my ruined flight was, they stated no injury was recorded on their incident sheet and they would offer no further compensation. A nurse attended to my daughter at the time of the incident, there were passengers as witnesses to the incident, and I have a photograph of the bruise on my daughters head. I am now very frustrated and wish to receive compensation that is commensurate to the injury on a 3 month old's head as well as a proper apology from BA that assures me that they accept liability for what happened and they are genuinely sorry rather than belligerent.

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