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Maureen's complaint against Pegasus Airlines

Maureen Richardson


Left at ercan airport alone in wheelchair.

Complaint against Pegasus Airlines

I prebooked assistance at Ercan airport on 18th October, I was put in a wheelchair because I am unable to walk far and last year I suffered a stroke I also only have one arm I am 74 years of age. I was wheeled into the departure lounge and FORGOTTEN. No one came to see if I needed anything,I was travelling alone. If it wasn't for another passenger who was waiting a different flight I would have been left there. The passenger wheeled me to the gate I was supposed to be near,when I got there one man said it was the last call for me,no one called before. I was the last one on the plane when I should have been the first. I've written and sent so many emails with no response. I was in tears all the flight back to uk. I always use Pegasus. Thank you.

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Chrystine | | VERIFIED

Shame on them. My parents got to the stage that they wouldn't travel in case this happened to them. I am glad they didn't risk it. No choice of airline. They really must get their act together. I hope you get this resolved, compensated and a promise it will NEVER happen again. Good for you Mo.

Morena Henderson | | VERIFIED

This is absolutely disgusting! To leave an elderly disabled woman alone and stranded in a wheelchair at an airport! Nowhere near her boarding gate! They should be ashamed of themself!

Liza Moore | | VERIFIED

So you were put in a wheelchair that you couldn't operate because you only have 1 arm. You were left in the departure lounge no-where near your gate. Nobody from Pegasus interacted with you between putting you in the lounge and you boarding the plane. If you hadn't have spoken to another passenger who then went on to help you, you would have missed your flight. And now Pegasus are ignoring you? I think it's time to boycott Pegasus and start flying with Türk Hava Yolları !!!
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