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Uday's complaint against Pegasus Airlines

Uday Nath


We just got screwed over by Pegasus Airlines

Complaint against Pegasus Airlines

We just got screwed over by Pegasus Airlines. Group of 20+, 17 check in, last 3 move to counter because they're on one PNR, told that check in is closed. Before that, supervisor lets 8 people cut the line, despite protests from various passengers queued up. We lose valuable time. Earlier, we lost 15 more minutes when we tried to use one of their machines to check in, but that process failed. All our protests fell on deaf ears. Missed our flight. Airline wanted us to buy new tickets and pay for them. Do yourself a favour. Don't fly Pegasus. They actually want to shut you out of the flight. Our colleagues who made the flight told us that Pegasus sold our seats to other customers. However, we need to confirm if this is true. Bottomline = (huge) AVOID

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