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Rachel's complaint against United Airlines

Rachel Kay


Delayed flight, missed connections, lost baggage

Complaint against United Airlines

On 22nd December I began my journey to San Jose with united airlines. My first flight, to Newark was firstly delayed, but with time to spare I made my connecting flight to san jose with out to much of a problem. On the 30th of December 2015 I began my journey home which involved two connecting flights. My first flight from San Jose to Huston was delayed by 1 hour and then there was further delay on the runway. Due to this I was unable to make my connecting flight to Franfurt. I arrived at the gate for the Frankfurt flight at 7:00 pm with the gate closure time on the ticket stating 7:10 pm. The attendants at the gate advised that I go to the united airlines customer service. I spoke with customer services and they were unsure as to why I was not allowed onto my original connecting flight, whilst having this conversation I received a text message to say my Frankfurt flight was delayed and would now not be leaving until 7:30pm, yet customer services said I would still be unable to board the aircraft. I was given a replacement flight to London Heathrow with a further connection from there to Manchester which was my final destination. I enquired about my checked bag which was already on board the Frankfurt flight, I was assured this bag would be removed and its itinerary changed. When I arrived at Heathrow I went to collect my luggage ready to check it in for the Manchester connection, however it was not there. I spoke again with a united airlines customer service advisor who checked my bag receipt and said it had not been scanned since Huston, but to double check at the gate before boarding the flight to Manchester. At the gate I presented the attendents with my baggage receipt who said the bag was last scanned at Heathrow and would be on the flight to Manchester. When I arrived in Manchester my luggage was not at the baggage claim. Here I spoke with another customer advisor from british airways (as this is who the final flight was with, although booked through united airlines) and they informed me that my bag was not on the flight, that it was at heathrow and would be posted to me at 'some point' in the future. After leaving the airport I received a number of emails and texts all contradicting themselves as to the whereabouts of my bag, some messages stating it was at Huston or London or Manchester. My journey began on the 30th of December and I did not receive my luggage back to my person until the 2nd of January 2016. This has been a huge inconvenience, from delayed flights to lack of communication between airlines and being without my belongings for 3 days I feel it is an unsatisfactory level of care for which I feel I should be compensated.

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