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Peter's complaint against United Airlines

Peter McGoran


Two delays and one missed flight...

Complaint against United Airlines

I am just emailing to complain about the service I experienced on the 8th of September by United Airlines as I tried to get from Chicago to Dublin. Bad weather meant that my first flight (out of three connecting flights) to London, ON was delayed. I understand that in bad weather there is potential for delays but, needing to be home in Ireland early for an interview on the 9th, I was anxious to know whether I would make it home in time so that I could rearrange my interview. I was given no straight answer by the staff at the airport. My first flight was delayed by 2 and a half hours and it became clear this would mean I would miss my second flight from London to Toronto. I asked the staff if I could possibly get on a flight straight to Toronto and save me going to London for a missed flight and got no confirmed answer. Eventually I got on the plane to London and even the air hostess (who was very helpful) was baffled that they hadn't made provisions for me to get another flight. I arrived in London with my flight to Toronto already gone and had to recollect my luggage and I had no idea what would happen next. Thankful, a man at the check-in desk managed to find me a seat on a later flight to Toronto and put me on it. I arrived at Toronto airport just in time for my Dublin flight, only it find that it, too, had been delayed. Not because of weather but for maintenance reasons. I was eventually allowed on the flight at midnight. Throughout my whole journey I was ill-informed and was left unsure of what I should do. I believe that better communication and better customer service would have helped a great deal in this situation. I have flown with United Airlines before but, because of this incident, I would reconsider flying with them again especially if I had to arrive at a destination at specific time period.

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