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Aisha's complaint against Norwegian

Aisha Blankson


Norgwegian ruined baby's first holiday.

Complaint against Norwegian

To Whom it may concern, My wife, infant child and I recently booked with Norwegian airline to travel from London Gatwick airport to Trondheim in Norway - our final destination being Oppdal. Our flight (DY1341) was meant to depart at 20:05 GMT and this was significantly delayed and didn't depart for a least another two hours after the scheduled departure time. The delay being explained as fuelling issue. As I result we missed our connection on to Oppdal and didn't check into our hotel until the early hours of Saturday morning - 22nd August. Traveling with a small child is hard enough without distresses caused by the delayed flight. Our infant child was very distressed by the entire experience. In addition, our pushchair was also broken in transit on the flight from Gatwick to Trondheim. Upon reaching Trondheim we reported the damage and were given a damage report TRDDY21789. The lady at the desk told us to take the pushchair to a local stockist to have the problem rectified or replaced. We were unable to do this until the 24th August as there were no local stockists in Oppdal. We spent the best part of an hour trying to locate a store that had our brand on pushchair in stock and had to walk all over Trondheim with our baby and the broken pushchair. Upon finally locating a store - Bebito at Bassengbakken 1, Trondheim - the attendant took our damage report and called Stokke, who were happy to replace the broken item but was not allow to do so by Norwegian as the damage report was for a bicycle and not a pushchair. We were instructed to go back to the airport and have the correct damage report filed. Having waited for over 30 minutes in the shop pursuing an incorrect damage report we had no choice but to take a taxi to arrive at the airport in time and to be able to make another damage report before boarding the DY1340 flight back to London Gatwick. Upon arriving at Trondheim airport we made the complaint about the pushchair and all the inconvenience at the check-in desk. The lady at the desk offered a plastic bag for packing the pushchair into and pointed is in the direction of the damages baggage desk. We then had to wait another 15 minutes as this desk was closed. When the desk finally opened, the same lady who had issues the incorrect damage report was present. She explained that she'll issue the right report and we can then get our pushchair fixed in London. I asked why she didn't tell us the first time; we could of avoided the wasted and pointless trip to Bebito. She issued the right report (TRDDY21829) and we proceeded to rush all the way to the gate as by now the flight was already boarding. The rush then seemed somewhat in vain as we were then sat on the cold airplane waiting to take off - that took over an hour. As you can imagine, this only compounded an already stressful day for us and our infant child. The flight land very late yet again. At Gatwick airport, there was no one to speak to about our broken pushchair as Norwegian only have a handling agent at the check-in desk in Gatwick, that don't work directly for Norwegian; and even they were not available to handle our query. The Tuesday morning after returning to London, I called the Norwegian UK number and got through to your Spanish call centre after a lengthy hold time, only to be told by your staff that we had packed the pushchair incorrectly and should have checked the website before taking the flight. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was then cut off - the records, am sure, are still available to check. On my second call later that afternoon, after another lengthy period on hold I was put through to the Norwegian American call centre who called be back after I requested to speak to a supervisor. I was again told my pushchair was incorrectly packed. The manner in which a pushchair should be packed was never mentioned at the checking desk on arrival or departure. Upon tweeting my displeasure of Norwegian’s treatment of my family and our personal items, I was sent a link to where the information was on the site. After looking through 7 pages, this crucial information was not only was buried in the website, but it was also found a separate link. I question the reasons why Norwegian were happy to fix out pushchair in Trondheim, even sending to find stockist for the repair. I also question how we could be given the wrong damage report when it’s blatantly obvious we have a pushchair and not a bicycle. Will we be compensated for Norwegian mistake with the damage report that lead to the inconvenience, time wasting and a costly taxi ride to Trondheim apart? Is it fair that after all this confusion, Norwegian has refused to mend out pushchair and are still insisting we packed it incorrectly; although the correct information isn’t readily available on the Norwegian site nor is it ever mentioned at the check-in or departure back. I hope you can carefully consider my complaint, repair or replace of broken pushchair – as our baby is still without one – and compensate us with the monetary value for the delayed flights, the taxi fare and the inconvenience of trekking around Trondheim on a fruitless endeavour. Kind regards, Aisha Blankson

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