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Martin's complaint against Super Escapes

Martin Willmott


What a con!

Complaint against Super Escapes

What a con! Firstly it all sounds fine and the cost is competitive, I paid up then was told the room is small and no balcony, I was offered a bigger room with a balcony and sea view, extra £160, I said this is a con and I want to cancel, I was told it was non refundable so ended up paying, the room was supposed to be a double and turned out to be a twin with back breakingly hard single beds, a tiny balcony and a view of the car park, also we were in the shade all day, the room flooded on the 2nd week due to faulty plumbing, the shower drain was broken and stabbed your foot and the pool was tiny, like a puddle and in the shade all day. Decor was 1970s and pretty shoddy, chipped and cracked tiles, missing sealant and, loose shower fittings, despite it being a minus 2 star it was clean and their one and only cleaning lady was friendly and accommodating. Flights, Ryan air on the way out, check in staff looked like theyd just rolled in from a rough council estate, they charged us £60 extra to sit together, £20 each for our hand baggage despite it measuring and weighing in just fine, then they took them and chucked them in the hold! constantly selling expensive junk on the plane, it was like nuisance calls but in person, charged an extortionate price for a tiny can of pepsi and got us there so late our hire car got cancelled, seats were so close together I suffered hip pain for the first three days. Easy jet on the way back we're fine, more legroom than Ryan air and no rip offs. Good points, The only good points are the ones we organised ourselves, the car hire was fine, the restaurant where we ate most days was wonderful (Ruskins at Nerja) Conclusion, I would sooner take a hitch hike and tenting holiday in Siberia than book anything with these rip off merchants ever again, there are so many other complaints I have about Super escapes but my fingers are getting tired.

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