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Alex Wu


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Complaint against Heathrow Airport

Hi, I am an international student frequently travelling from and to the UK for more than 5 years. Recently, many Chinese people have complained an issue that they have had shopping experience in Heathrow Airport. They have been treated badly. First of all, not only all the workers except Chinese staff in duty free did not tell Chinese customers actively that they can get VIP voucher once they achieve a certain amount, but also their managers forced Chinese staff not to tell Chinese customers about this until they finish they purchases. This is unfair! Second of all, the duty free shore managers casually set up higher amount of money of getting a VIP voucher for Chinese customers ONLY between £250 and £1000. For other foreigners, they can get the voucher when they spend up to £80.....This is totally ridiculous and a behaviour of racism! Heathrow Airport should have showed the amount of getting the VIP voucher and that should be equal to everyone! Everyone should be fair! Not because Chinese are rich or something else... This news now have been broadcasting through both big Chinese social networks, WEIBO and WEIXIN. These are letting many Chinese people feel unsatisfied and it can cause more and more Chinese people to boycott shopping at Heathrow Airport.This is really serious! If you watch news, you can clearly see how duty free shops in Korea Airport run, their revenue are decreasing dramatically! Many Chinese people can also do it to Heathrow Airport as well once the news have spread widely. Besides, last time when I travelled back to my country and I bought something at the airport, a woman who worked at till didn't show up positive attitude to me. It felt like she did not care if I was going to buy or not. I was angry. For what I just described in above, I hope heathrow Airport can seriously concern about it and create or change rules quickly! Otherwise, the organisation will start losing worth! Thank you!

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