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Lynsey's complaint against Airbnb

Lynsey Bleakley


[RESOLVED] - Safety issue-dog attack at holiday rental. Intimidation by owners of the dogs. Forced to leave early

Complaint against Airbnb

We arrived at holiday rental and as we walked up communal path to gain access to the cottage (the only access) we were set upon by 2 Staffies. My dog was badly injured (£200 vets bill so far and she is still requiring ongoing treatment so there will be further costs) my daughter was very distressed and traumatised as am I. The owners of the dogs (they live next door to the rental cottage) refused to keep them secure and let them out as we were passing by leaving us terrified we were going to be set upon again each time we left or returned to the cottage. They were verbally abusive to my husband. The police are involved. We advised cottage owner immediately and she said she hoped it didn't spoil our holiday! Airbnb agreed we couldn't stay there but couldn't find us an alternative cottage so we had to change our ferry booking and come home on the 3rd day. They refunded less than half the cost of the holiday. It was a 1200 mile round trip in 3 days. There were other safety issues with the cottage which we highlighted to Airbnb. The communal walkway to the cottage has no lighting, is narrow and fencing has large rusty nails sticking out at ankle and waist height. At night it is in complete darkness, apart from the risk of injury, with the threat of the vicious dogs we felt very unsafe. Airbnb appear to be supportive of the host but not guests who have had essentially no holiday and have been left with a substantial vets bill, feeling very stressed and upset after a very traumatic experience.

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