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Helen's complaint against

Helen Vezzulla


Aparthotel listed as having 9.7 reviews just could not be true

Complaint against

I booked this holiday in Istanbul. The booking site offered a reduced rate which I accepted but was non refundable. I did this on the pictures and reviews on the site. When I arrived at this place it was late and I was on my own.My fellow traveller was arriving later. When I saw this place I was surprised. The outside (no photographs of this or the entrance or reception) were on the site. The outside road and pathways were totally broken with potholes and wires etc hanging out. The entrance path and stairs were broken and uneven. There were two pot plats which were full of cigarette ends. I assume this was the designated smoking area mentioned on site. The room itself was not clean. The shower was filthy. There was one sheet on the bed I asked for some bedding. a duvet was thrown on the bed. This duvet had a blood stain and had other stains. I then went out to get something to eat. When I returned the night watchman was asleep. The place was really noisy. The next morning we decided to leave but before doing so I told the people of my complaints. They were totally uncaring about the issues. We walked round Istanbul. We found somewhere else to stay. I phoned up They asked That I send photographs which I did. At that stage I only had photographs of the interior. paid these owners for the full 9 days. I took photographs of the exterior. are just not interested I have written a review but to date it is not on their site. I also told them that I believe this aparthotel is the same as one on other sites rated at2.5. The just fob me of constantly. I do have photographs of the shower room which state is clean. I have asked why there are no photographs on site of the entrance or hallwxays or reception. They will not give me any answers. I do have photographs regarding these issues.

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