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Stephen's complaint against

Stephen Clarke


Cancellation charges for a Cardiff Hotel Booking 5th - 6th December 2015

Complaint against

I booked a hotel through for the 5th until the 7th December 2015 in Cardiff. I realized I had to cancel the night of the 5th, so went on online to alter the booking. I went on the Managing my booking" section to do so The Managing my account would not let me mange my account for this specific alteration! I then cancelled the whole two days, with the intention of rebooking for the Saturday night only, which I did so. I received an e-mail from to say that I was to be charged a cancellation fee of £106. 20 p. The cost of the 2 days was £116.00 informed me in a telephone conversation on Sunday the 29th of November that this £106.20 was to be charged on the basis of cancelling within FOURTEEN (14) DAYS of the original booking. I booked the hotel on the 24th November. I could not find details of this, so I contacted the hotel in question, after looking at their website - which stated that a cancellation charge would apply THREE (3) DAYS before my stay The hotel confirmed the 3 DAYS. During my telephone conversation with the,agent I asked to speak to her customer service line manager. The agent said that was not possible. She informed me I would have to submit this by e-mail. I complained in the strongest possible manner, without resorting to any abusive language whatsoever, that I thought the situation was totally unacceptable, and a supreme example of terrible customer service. I continue to think it is a supreme example of terrible customer service Thank you for hearing me out and perhaps influencing this ( If I were generous I would say - incompetence ) I look forward to hearing from you Yours faithfully Stephen Clarke

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