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Miss Mohini's complaint against Air India

Miss Mohini PATEL


Flight delay and didn't arrange for missed connecting flight

Complaint against Air India

My son and my self began jurney to India on4th July 2016 at 09:30 hours from our home in London. Our flight was from London Heathrow at 12:30 hours, we did not board flight until 18:30 on 4 th July 2016. Because of delay we missed our connecting flight to hemdabad from Delhi. Air India staff at London Heathrow and at Delhi airport did not arrange for our connecting flight or neither they was helpful. I had to argue and fight with staff to get another flight which I did not get it until 20:45 on 5th July 2016. My and my son jurney should have been just 10 hours to Ahmedabad instead it took more then 36 hours. Because of no arrangement from air India staff my brother,my mother and my younger sister suffered unbelievable stress and mentally disturbed. Due to this stress had to admit mother to hospital. My family have been residents in London for 34 years and travel to India every year via air India, after this expiriance with air line we will never travel by air India again also I have informed all my friends and family and their friends of this insidents. I will await for you reply and action taken. Thank you

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