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Vivek's complaint against TAP Portugal

Vivek Khandeparkar


Ticket cancelled. refund approved 14 aug 2015. but not received as yet

Complaint against TAP Portugal

I had booked 2 expensive multi journey return tickets (1980 GBP) on TAP because I was unsure regarding the itinerary and this fare type allowed a full refund. As expected, plans changed and I requested a cancellation and full refund of the tickets on 14th Aug 2015 and this was approved. I have email proof of the same. The company stated that I should wait 30 working days for this refund to be processed. I waited and approx 1 week before the period was due to be over, asked them for an update - they said that it is being processed and that I should wait the full 30 working days. This period passed and there was no refund. I called them and they stated they do not know why as it had been approved but still showed that it wasn't acted upon. The phone helpline stated they will raise this with their refunds division. I also requested to speak to refunds team but they said that they are contactable only via email. I sent the email out on a few occasions but am yet to receive a response. In the mean time I must have called TAP helpdesk over 5 to 7 times asking for updates - I was only told that all they can do is raise this with refunds dept and nothing else. every time I was not given the opportunity to speak to someone with more responsibility or to someone from the reufnds team as they flatly refused! They asked me to file a complaint on another email ID which I did and this only responds with an automated reply stating that the email has been received. I have not heard from them either. I tried to get some movement via TAP twitter and facebook accounts - at least they seemed to respond there, but with the same statement - contact refunds. we have fwded ur post to refunds. When asked for numbers and more details, they said no option but to use email only! No one seems to be helpful and everyone is following a script - keep stating email refunds team and email claims/complaints team. someone gave me a potuguese helpdesk number where I could speak to someone in claims - no use - theyre are no options like that despite being given a specific option to select! This company seems to be immune to anything! They just dont care. Its a large sum of money and I have had a lot of stress - mental and financial - because of this. It is unacceptable and I hope you will be able to help me. I am sure they have breached their own terms - I should have some legal recourse to this - they refused to give me a postal address to file a claim as well!!!! These people are unbelievable. In this day and age. Its shocking and shameful. I have heard of horrible customer service, but this is worth the oscars. And all this while they have a large sum of my money. They owe me my refund with interest. Sorry about the rant, but as you can see, it is frustrating, esp with so much money involved. Please help. thanks.

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