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Denis Elena's complaint against Turkish Airlines

Denis Elena Ionescu


delayed luggages for five days

Complaint against Turkish Airlines

On Tuesday 18th August 2015 I traveled with my 12 years old son from Bucharest (Romania ) to Pisa (Italy) via Istanbul.We checked in two small luggages . We arrived in Pisa at about 2.30 pm and discovered our luggages haven't arrived. I made a complaint at "Lost luggage " office , altogether we spent 3 hours in the airport after landing. I explained to the person in charge with lost property that I was left only with what I had in my small handbag ( passports, money , my mobile and few other not important things ) and that everything else , normally , was in the two luggages. The luggages contained : clothes for me and my son for our 10 days holiday in Viareggio , shoes, bathing equipment ( swimming suits, beach towels , hats, suncream , aftersun cream ) , a Samsung tablet, a Samsung mobile phone , 2 photocameras, 2 mobile phone chargers, a Kindle , toiletries , the flight tickets for our return to UK. More important , the luggages contained the pills which my son needs to take every day of his life and are very important for his health . Luckily I had enough pills for 2 more days in my handbag. I explained to the person in charge with handling my problem that it is extremely important to get the baggages back quickly , because my son's pills are issued on prescription only and his health and wellbeing depend on them. The luggages arrived at my hotel on Saturday 22 nd August at 12 o'clock in the afternoon , according to the receptionist who received them. My son's luggage used to have a small teddy bear hanging on the handle , which was not there anymore and my luggage was very dirty and tattered . Fortunatelly , all the belongings were inside and nothing was broken. Following the loss of our baggages , we have been left only with the clothes we had on us and the few things I had in my purse. It have been very difficult without clothes to change and toiletries . First two days we hoped and waited for the luggages to be returned to us, to no avail . In the end I had to buy two changes of clothes for my son , one for me , one swimming suit for each of us , two beach towels , tooth brushes and toothpaste , a minimum of necessities. It has been very frustrating for us to go around with so little clothing in the hot weather. Hoping the baggages would arrive at any minute , as the time was passing , I did not want to spend my money on clothes, considering we came to Italy to visit places , not for shopping. But in the end I have been forced to buy something to feel clean and comfortable. On the day we left ( 28th August ) we flew out to London with German Wings , via Cologne. At the airport's check-in I have been told that I have to pay 120 Euro because our luggages exceed the allowed weight . Of course they did , since I had to buy clothes and toiletries I took them back home with me. So the luggages become heavier with about 2 kilos each. I explained to the check-in lady what happened , she said I had to pay for excess weight. In the end I moved some things from one of the bags in the other so I had to pay just for one luggage . Finally I had been fined 30 euros . I am writing to inform you how the first five days of our holiday have been ruined by the lack of our daily necessities , having to go visiting around in torrid heat and not being able to change much , about me having to spend money on things I should not need to , about us not being able to take photos because the two cameras were in the bags, about me getting fined on return for excess weight . More important , after two days I become very worried and stressed regarding my son's medicine . I went to two pharmacies which refused to give me the tablets because I did not have a prescription. In the end the hotel receptionist spoke to a pharmacist and helped me to get them. I would like to make a compensation claim of 1000 euro for the damage of one luggage and the loss of my son's toy , for the excess weight fine at the airport and for the distress and difficulties my son and I encountered for five days, not being able to fully enjoy our summer holiday. Thank you.

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