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Chris's complaint against easyJet

Chris Harris


Being shoved and crashing into my seated partner while vacating a plan

Complaint against easyJet

My partner and I were sitting in row 16 near the back of the EasyJet Plan. I stood up to get my partners Racksack out of an overhead locker. As I pulled the back out and turned to sit, I was shoved and fell on my partner. This has caused us great problems, as the staff on the plan accused me of being 'Drunk' and 'Assaulting' my partner. My partner is mixed race black Jamacan and White English. The whitness said it was racily motivated. The staff where at least 10 feet away down the ail, there were no staff at the back supervising alightment. Because the stuff did not supervise properly we feel that we are entital to compensation.

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