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Complaint against easyJet

I found very cheap flights to cyprus and when i tried to book it it was not allowing me to add my husband on our return flight as he would have been joing us on a later date so i called easy jet explained the situation i said i would book our flights online and they could do my husbands booking over the phone to make sure ther is no confusion i was put on hold 3 times as she typed somthing in i had not given her specific dates only the month and she put me on hold again to search but i could not understand what she was searching as she did not have full details yet then she came back told me to book ours while she goes ahead and does my husband so i said ok gave details as i went to press pay all the prices for july and august tripled from the price i had infront of me i then asked to speak to the manager was put on hold for several mins then cutt off i rang back again was assured i would be able to book for same price i saw online and that they would call me back when i received the call i was told i must have made a mistake and that the price i was saying was not true again i was refused when i aske to speak to the manager again please help

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