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Mrs Lisa's complaint against easyJet

Mrs Lisa Boal


How i was treated by easyjet ground crew at Stansted Airport.y

Complaint against easyJet

My Complainet is about my Easyjet journey from Stansted Airport to Belfast International Airport. Flight Number EZY255 & Flight Time 07.55am & Date 21/12/2015. The ground crew wouldn't let me take my case onto the plane which i have done many times before, they said i would have to pay £45 which i had in cash but they said it had to be paid by bank card which i didn't have any money in my bank cause i had it all on me. I even offer to pay for my case once i got to Belfast International but the lady wouldn't reply. So my case was just left at the boarding gate where the lady said that it would be taken to Lost Property at Stansted Airport. I felt the lady was picking on me & my partner because we were first in the queue other people who were on the same flight there cases were bigger than mine & the lady just let them through. I am very upset how i was treated by easyjet. I had a lot of my clothes, Christmas presents & my partners divorce papers in the case. The next day I was on the phone for 2 hours which cost me £15 trying to get hold of Lost Property at Stansted Airport. Easyjet could of phone me back. After getting pass from person to person. When I eventually got hold of them they said that they had my case & when I come to collect it I have to pay them £10. So I have to cough out another £63 to go to Stansted Airport & collect my case. The Ground Crew didn't even give me a form to fill in so I could write my details on. I have been travelling with Easyjet for the last 18 months & never have I been treated so badly. All this upset ruined my Christmas with my family. I think I Deserve Compensation for what I have been through. From Unhappy Easyjet Customer MRS LISA BOAL>

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