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Bernie's complaint against First Choice

Bernie Addison


Excess baggage charges and process

Complaint against First Choice

I travelled with First Choice on Monday 21st December to Hurghada (Egypt). On First Choice's online booking system, it clearly states that excess baggage can be purchased up to 6 hours before the flight. I tried numerous times (at least 12 hours before the flight) to book this and the system would not allow me. On arrival at Manchester airport, I explained this issue and was told I would still have to purchase excess baggage at £15 a kg. I was then told I could check in an additional bag (at a cost of £46.00) if I purchased a carry on bag from the shop. I duly did this. When I returned to the check in desk, I was then told that this in fact was not allowed and I would have to pay £150.00. My complaint is therefore: I believe First Choice are misleading customers on line. Many people pack the night before a flight and I did so believing I could purchase excess up to 6 hours before. I feel as though they gave me wrong advice. Secondly, I was given wrong information at the check out desk. I was told one price and then when I did what they told me, they then changed the cost. I am particularly annoyed by this, as I had parked my car actually at the airport and did have time to go and deposit some of my excess baggage in my car. However, given the wrong instruction, I duly bought an extra bag, being led to believe the only charge I would have to pay was £46.00. Having wasted this time unnecessarily it meant I had no choice when I returned to the check in desk and told actually the instruction they had given me was wrong and I would have to pay £150.00. I liken this to being in a supermarket and being told one price for an item and then getting to the check out and being charged another but having no choice but to pay it. I would like to pursue a refund from the company in regards to the difference of £150.00 - £46.00. Also, I would like that someone investigates misleading online instructions about excess baggage in regards to when this can be purchased.

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