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kenneth's complaint against First Choice

kenneth lamb


trip to paradise...maybe not

Complaint against First Choice

'Hygiene very poor' 'bad stomach since day 3' 'Holiday ruined by bad food and upset stomach' 'It was truly awful' 'Both my husband and I were ill with stomach cramps and severe diarrhoea from the second day we arrived to the day we left.' ' food and poor hygiene practices''staff taking plastics cups from the bins and washing them to reuse.'Do not use the coffee machine as when it was opened to refill a load of cockroaches fell out felt sick as had been using the machine during stay!''i have just returned, both me and my partner have parasitic infections from the food and the entire coach from the hotel to airport was full of people that had had an awful stay and were ill.' Thats just two of ALOT of very recent comments regarding health and safety. While i realise these comments are subjective i am becoming increasingly concerned with the levels of health and safety in this complex, especially around food safety. I feel first choice cannot reasonably dismiss/ignore the claims being made. These reports from in the resort are increasing. Taking a look at the tripadvisor website there is a never ending stream of reviews and concerns in the questions section. Surely they have responsibility to ensure your customers are safe. they must have a duty of care to ensure that food consumed is hygienic and meets health and safety standards. I am baffled that they are still sending customers there, with expense in complaints on return, rather than sort the situation beforehand. I have read that they only starting sending customers there in may 2017 and have already made plans to pull out of the hotel. They have given customers different accommodation for those flying out in the new year, (again stated on tripadviser questions) To do with the sub-standards of the resort perhaps? So why take my hard earned money still send my party to this hotel if its below standard putting us at risk. I am not the only one with these concerns. Why are they happy to continue to send your customers here? Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any reassurance within the reviews, from first choice or the hotel that they are even acknowledging this never mind working on the issues. Due to the sub standard levels of food safety, it is inevitable that we are to spend my weeks holiday in the room ill. I am surprised that these issues are present in a 4* complex. I dread to think what a lower star hotel would be like. Levels of health and safety cannot comprised and customers subjected to breaches of food safety due to having a lower budget. I am so shocked at the bad reviews i am wanted to look into what options are available to me. So I contacted first choice Over a course of emails I am currently waiting on a response from their ‘health and safety team’ however I am also aware from reading thier terms and conditions that while awaiting a response from them I have fallen into the bracket by which I am now paying 90% of my holiday cost to change hotel. ‘We do throughout the year continually review the quality and standards of all our accommodation and if any problems were reported with our hotels then our Resort and UK Quality Teams would work closely with the hotel and implement any recommended processes to improve the overall quality. We monitor the results of our Customer Service Questionnaires, the facilities and performance of all hotels on a regular basis. Although we appreciate negative reports on review sites can be concerning, it's good to remember that these reviews are subjective and what may be one person's perfect holiday, may not be to someone else…. …If you still wish to change or amend your holiday before travelling you can of course do this, however, it will be subject to our booking terms and conditions. If there are 29 days or more until you are set to depart any amends are £50 per person, between 15 and 28 days before departure amends are charged at 90% of the original cost of the holiday, and if you are due to depart in the next 0 to 14 days it will be charged at 100% of the original cost’ In changing hotel this would cost us around 1125 to cancel/change holiday, plus another 1496 to rebook a hotel without these concern, all together this would cost us 2621 to change hotel, £2000 more to have reassurance and our health and safe concerns met. Sorry for the long email- I am wondering what my rights would be? Do I have to pay this irrational amount of money more than my initial holiday cost to ensure our safety. Hope you can give me some advice from two very worried but otherwise fit and healthy (at the moment) customers of first choice k lamb/r benjamin

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