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Stephen's complaint against Travelzoo

Stephen McAllister


Very Frustrated

Complaint against Travelzoo

On Wednesday 23rd January I booked a holiday through the Travelzoo soon as I had completed my booking I immediately tried to book my friend and his wife for the same package..OFFER NO LONGER AVAILABLE...was the massage I received. As it was 22:00 I couldn't get in touch with anyone so decided to call @ 07:00 the next morning. When I explained what had happened I was told you cannot try to book 2 rooms on line and must telephone....."so I'm on the phone now, can I book an additional room"...not possible was the reply due to the hotel not having a room ! So I asked for 2 alternative dates.....again the response was "not possible" rooms. So unfortunately I had to cancel but I was charged € given I tried to amend and eventually cancel within 12 hours I thought this was poor customer service, I thought that at least Travelzoo would have offered some kind of alternative. The reason I was charged €100 was due to the airline, which in this case was Easyjet. I contacted Easyjet who replied very quickly and confirmed that they do not invoice €100 cancellation charges !!! Now given that the booking was almost 2 weeks ago....Travelzoo are still advertising this I to believe the hotel have only 1 room available still after almost 2 weeks! Oh and by the way Travelzoo issued a £20 voucher code to use....unbelievable.

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