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Noel's complaint against World Star Travel

Noel Elegado


No etickets nor flights confirmation issued

Complaint against World Star Travel

I booked a flight with this company after I saw their adverts online in July this year for a return travel to the Philippines, after speaking to an agent and agreed with the price, total fees for the flights was £1,904.00. I was advised to make a deposit within 3 days to secure the said flight amounting to £300.00. Following just over two weeks from paying the deposit I decided to pay £ 1,500 which means that the remaining balance I have to settle is £104.00. I was given by the way until October 15 to pay the full amount. It was middle of September when I decided to settle the remaining balance. When I rang the company of my intention to settle the balance I was told that the flights I have chosen has increased meaning I have to pay extra amount to avail my preferred travel dates. Unhappy with this, however ,I have agreed to pay an extra £184.00 they are asking. Almost two weeks after settling all these amount I have not received any confirmation should my flights are secured. I have tried phoning them but the same phrase or statement I usually get from them which is " We will get back to you shortly" I have even told them that I will refer my case to a proper authority but it seems that they are not concerned.

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carol sayers | | VERIFIED

I would be interested to hear what the outcome of your complaint has been, I am in the same situation now myself.
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