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Robyn's complaint against Hilton Hotel & Resorts

Robyn Gatenby


[RESOLVED] - Very disappointing

Complaint against Hilton Hotel \u0026 Resorts

After staying in several Hilton hotels before my husband and I were confident about booking the Gatwick airport one for the end of our holiday. We had a late night flight so by the time we got to the hotel we were both very tired and just wanted to sleep. However on arrival we were told by reception that as the hotel had been fully booked the only room they had for us was a smoking room! In this day and age I didn't even know they existed anymore! Both my husband and I do not smoke, and I have asthma - so this situation was far from ideal! All we were offered was for someone to spray some air freshener around, which did not help. To make things worse the window would not open as it is a fixed pane of glass. Aside from the smoke issue, the room was in need of a good clean, the shower head was broken, and the bed was very hard. The whole situation meant that we hardly slept at all, partly because my asthma was aggravated all night - not the end to our holiday we had imagined. We had booked the hotel months in advance and were not even told that a smoking room could be a possibility. We emailed hilton direct with our complaints and received a very generic response from them, which did not address our concerns or give us any kind of compensation for our ordeal.

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Robyn Gatenby | | VERIFIED

A Spokesman Said was very helpful with my case and managed to get me a full refund. Before they got involved I was getting nowhere with the company but they really got them to listen.
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