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Andrew Stephen's complaint against Air France

Andrew Stephen Lebbie


[RESOLVED] - About loss of my entire baggage, Delay Flight, Starvation and desdain for passengers

Complaint against Air France

On the 17th of October 2005, I travelled with Air France from Heathrow to Paris, continuing to Sierra Leone. After Twelve hours of fligt delay and eventually flight time, I finally arrive in Freetown/Lungi. On my arrival, I commenced to pick-up my luggae from the Luggage department but to my astonishment, my luggage was not there, not even a single luggage arrived. I was suppose to attend my mother's funeral the following day. The most disapointing thing about the entire issue was that, I was suppose to produce all the necessary documents, dress for my entire siblings and the eulogy for the funeral plus all the necessary paper work was inside my suitcases. After deliberating with the team that deals with the loss of property, I reluctanly with pain accepted my fate and left for Freetown, hoping that my suitcases will eventually turn up on the following flight. Although it was disapointing and heart-breaking for me-to not have the necessary documents prepared for the funeral-together with all the clothing that I was suppose to produce to my siblings-who were suppose to reimburse me for the purchase, I still was able to talk them out of their frustration. Now the most difficult issue with this situation is thus-Air France in Freetown was unresponsive to my complint, even when they know about the demoralising situation I was in-with no money, since I couldn't produce the goods that I bought for people to reimburse me and alos with no money to buy anything to wear in Freetow,. On top of that was the fact that, all the medication I took with me as a preventive mechanism in an epidemic enviroment was also in my suitcase, plus my laptop that had my finish work, book and dissertation. After the disgrace, and precaureous time in Freetown, I finally returned to London and place in a claim for my goods, hoping that they will be able to retrieve it. But to my surprise, not only have they not retrieve it, they also have not given me any clue about my fate. I have been trying to communicate with the members of the customer care team, but all they have done is move me from one department to another. I am frustrated, naked, depressed and absolutely discouraged and shakened by such a lapse of respect for a customer by Air France and I want my day in court with them

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Andrew Stephen Lebbie | | VERIFIED

Air France has failed to respond to my plight
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