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Martha's complaint against Virgin Atlantic

Martha Davies


Refund of ticket and compensated for the distress I have suffered from travelling with Virgin.

Complaint against Virgin Atlantic

On 22 July 2013, I travelled from Heathrow airport in the UK to Accra, Ghana on a return ticket. The outbound ticket was economy but the inbound return ticket was premium economy. I believe the flight was delayed for about an hour after we boarded the plane. When I arrived in Ghana, I noticed that my feet were swollen. I waited for a few days and sought medical assistance. In total, I visited doctors about 4 or 5 times. Among the treatments and advice I received was to put my legs on pillows when I slept. The swelling went down. I sought medical advice again a few days before I travelled back to the UK because the concerned was that the flight had caused this condition. I was relaxed about the return flight and I assured the doctor I saw that my return ticket was premium economy therefore I would be able to stretch my legs and raise my feet, thus, putting my legs in a comfortable position during the flight and reducing any possible swelling. On 26 August 2013 the day of the return flight, I arrived at the airport in good time to check in. Even though the queue for checking in was not that long, I queued for about 2 hours before I got to the check in desk. I was shocked, disappointed and dismayed when I was told that my premium economy seat had been sold to another passenger. I was told the only option to travel was in economy class. I was offered a voucher to travel to anywhere in the world by Virgin Atlantic. I declined the offer and asked for refund. I was told that was the only offer Virgin will make to me, that or nothing. I needed to travel because I wanted to return to the UK and see my GP about the condition therefore I accepted the voucher and informed Virgin that I will complain when I return to the UK. I could not settle during the fight. I was on my feet walking for about 4 of the 6 hours on the flight back to the UK because the doctor I saw had advised that I did fell asleep during the flight. On arrival in the UK, I requested a complaint form from one of the flight Attendants before I left the plane. I noticed that the swelling had return and this time it was not only my feet but my legs as well. I visited A & E as soon as possible and wrote to Virgin Atlantic to complain after few days later. I went to see my GP who arranged for various test to make sure I was not suffering from DVT. Thank God the test was negative however the swelling continued and the condition had also become painful. Sitting or standing on my feet for over an hour caused swelling. My GP prescribe compression hosiery which I continued to wear regularly for about 18 months. However, I continue to sleep with my legs raised still. Due to the condition, I could not take on a full-time employment and found a part-time employment in January 2014. Virgin responded to my complaint and said they could not offer me anything else. I sought legal assistance. They wrote to Virgin. Virgin asked me to return the voucher before they did anything. I could not remember where I had placed the voucher so I was advised to write to Virgin and explain that I had misplaced the voucher. The company ignored my letter. I found the voucher in 2015 and returned it to Virgin by special delivery. Virgin refused to acknowledge the receipt of the voucher until I asked the post office to trace the signatory for the item. Once a name was provided, I informed Virgin that if they did not acknowledge receipt of the item, I will ask the post office to consider the person who signed for the item as not working for Virgin therefore the item has been stolen by the signatory. Eventually, Virgin sent me an email informing me that they have the voucher. I have since found out that the refund they are offering is £56.00. I find this unacceptable. I am therefore bringing this matter before you.

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