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Salvatore's complaint against Alitalia

Salvatore Trani


Elderly parents mistreated by Alitalia

Complaint against Alitalia

I am writing to complain about the mistreatment of my parents who tried to go on holiday to Italy as they have done for many years. I am disgusted how two elderly people were turned away from the check-in desk on 17th June 2015 after paying for a taxi to get them there at terminal 4 for the alitalia flight AZ201 at 06:45 from London Heathrow to Rome Fiumicino. The lady at the check-in desk refused them to board because she failed to recognise the name difference on her ITALIAN ID card. The ticket was made out to Concetta Trani and her ID was for Concetta Zumpano which was her maiden name. However if she had looked to the left of the ID card she would of noticed her marriage name TRANI was also written. But because she failed to look, she turned my parents away. My parents had to return home and purchase two more tickets for the following Wednesday at a further expense as well as another taxi back home. The taxi fare is now £25 each way and have also lost two flight tickets at a cost of £235 because of the lack of experience and incompetence of Alitalia check-in staff. My parents are both traumatised by this experience and my mother also has walking difficulties due to a hip replacement.

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