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Gary's complaint against Stansted Airport

Gary Melnyk


Complaint about dropping off passengers and finding exit delays and incurring disgraceful costs.

Complaint against Stansted Airport

I dropped some friends off on Saturday 27 July 2019 around 2:30 pm. It took only a few minutes. Then I went straight to the barriers only to find massive queues as obviously motorists were having issues at two of the barriers. I got stuck in one of those queues and couldn’t reverse out. (I tried!!!) When eventually I got to the barrier the machine was asking £25 as I was over the time. But it was not my fault and I pressed help only to find an unhelpful person repeating what time I entered the airport. After some discussion (I was very unhappy but kept it friendly) he said I would have to pay £8. “That’s the best I can do”. Obviously that’s the party line. I told him there should be someone at the barriers helping drivers (a lot of whom had obviously not used the airport before and were in all sorts of difficulties). I was told there normally was someone at the barriers “at busy times”. But I’ve never seen it so busy. All is needed when help is pressed is to check how long the particular barrier has not gone up each time. Drivers should not be penalised for problems others are having. I will advise friends to use Heathrow in future, which is double the distance from my home.

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