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Phil's complaint against Stansted Airport

Phil Newnham


Day light robbery in Blue car park - Stansted

Complaint against Stansted Airport

08-03-2018 I returned to my car that was parked securely and in a prepaid spot in the short stay blue car park at Stansted Airport only to find when I got to the barrier to exit I owed £90 for the pleasure of using the car park (on top of the already paid amount). As on many occasions I had used this car park and prepaid for the parking to make the turn around quick, this time I feel Stansted need to return either the prepaid amount of £46.99 or I would prefer the £90 I had to pay to exit the car park. This is daylight robbery at its best as they have you by the B***S if you want to go home. HOW DOES SOMEONE PRECEDE WITH THIS AND RESOLVE IT? It would have been cheaper to have a Taxi!

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