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Katrin's complaint against Stansted Airport

Katrin Pohlandt-Schwandt


lost hand luggage in security area

Complaint against Stansted Airport

I am writing to complain about a lost hand luggage and consequently missed flight on Tuesday the 8th of August, FR1518 at 7:50 to Hamburg. I went to the security gate with a handbag and a small suitcase, put them both in the trays provided at belt 4 and queued to get through security myself. This took a while and when I had come through I noticed that my suitcase was not there. I informed the security staff about it and told them the time my flight will depart. First I was told several times to be patient and then they questioned if I had actually put it on belt 4. By the time they decided to believe me and look at CCTV it was too late to catch my flight and too late to find that person as his flight had departed. The security staff confirmed that I had been through security at about 7:05 which would have me given enough time to process to the gate. I was also told that somebody will go with me to the Ryanair desk to sort out a different flight, but this didn't happen. I was left completely stranded, not only having missed my flight but also lost my suitcase. The only information I was given was that if the person notices that he has taken the wrong suitcase and will try to reclaim it I will be notified. Furthermore, I have been to the police and they can't treat it as theft as it seems to have happened accidentally. I have complained to Stansted airport and tried to phone them but apart from automatic replies and case numbers got nowhere.

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