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Alan's complaint against Stansted Airport

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Complaint against Stansted Airport

we are a private hire company, and was picking up a passenger off the EZY3204 FROM CAGLIARI SCHEDULLED TIME 16.10 (8TH JUNE) WHEN CHECKING WAS TOLD IT WAS RUNNING 31 MINUTES LATE (16.41) WE CHECKED IT TILL IT LANDED 16.41 AND SENT THE DRIVER INSIDE THE TERMINAL, when inside he looked at the screen which said the plane had landed. (16.41) in fact it had not, and did not till 18.10 when he aventunerly pick the passenger up and got back to his car the bill was over £14.00 in car park fees, as this was a mistake on your side I am asking for a refund of 50% of car park fees. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR FINDINGS

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