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karl's complaint against Transport for London

karl bradley


bus look full on lower deck, plenty of room upstairs, 4 get off, no one gets on,

Complaint against Transport for London

waiting for bus, half hour its full, room up top, wait another half hour, it looks full but its not, 4 get off no one gets on, I get with some other poor bloke whos been waiting at the exit door, the spitefull, wicked old whitch of a driver, is determined we are not getting on tht bus even though theres room for us and those others waiting as long as me, iv already paid money for this service on oyster, its so frustrateing, there must be a way to sue, in the morning people are going to work, theres delays diversions, this is moning time, they know & get off knowing what thay are doing, probably some fat slob getting off on people being late for work,talking about getting home at night, I wanted that whitch to cll the police to prove there was room. then I thought of corupt hassle from police. there must be away i can sue enough money out of them to get a car, Ive paid for a service like everyone else & its disentry

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