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sheila's complaint against Transport for London

sheila curran


Incident at London Bridge station at about 14.00hrs on the 28/12/2015

Complaint against Transport for London

On my way home from a hospital appointment , I was on the escelator when I began to tumble down the stairs which I felt had come from somebody on my back, I tried to control myself but kept tumbling , when I eventually was able to control myself I looked behind and there was young youth at least 6 foot tall behind me laughing plus about 10 more youths with him who were also laughing , I asked him what he was doing and why he was on my back , it looked like he had been pushed by others youths, i asked them to stay with me as I was going to report this to station staff, when I got downstairs their was no staff available at train at this stage about 10 other youths had sourrounded me and was screaming at me, I did give them a mouthful and they screamed at me that I was racist towards them because they were Muslims, at that point race dis not come into my mind as I feared for my life , I could not believe this behaviour and got really scared , now I can understand why the general public do not get involved in helping other people when these situations occur as they fear for their own safety; I tried to take photos to scare them off but they just kept screaming at me , at this stage I was scared and felt very intimidated, I went back up to station to find support from staff, where I asked to speak to somebody that could help (totally distressed at this stage) after about 10 mins a supervisor came along who was as unhelpful as a 2 year child , asked what happened which I tried to describe, as I informed I couldn't really as everything happened from behind and asked could I see CCTV camera to give a better idea of incident , he informed me that I would need to report to police as they would not be able to let me camera until police available, however he did not advise on how to get police involved never advised me that I could have reported to police at train station, did not give me any numbers to contact; I walked away from this so called supervisor very disgusted and let down, I could have lying at the end of escalator or stabbed at the train with no member of staff available. I would like this matter looked into and would appreciate TFL police involved so that the cameras can be looked at, or please forward onto me policing details of where I can report this to. Sheila Curran

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