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unfair whilst traveling

Complaint against Transport for London

yesterday on the 28th of december 2015 i was on the 236 bus approximately at 8:35 at hackney town hall when the bus stopped to let a lady and a special need person on the bus and the lady got on first and then the special need person was walking to get on the bus and the driver closed the doors and drove off.Now the reason i would like to complain is because slavery times are over and in this generation you have to be fair and that special need person could not walk properly and he could of had to wait for a long time for a other bus to come or he had to walk home and that is not fair so i hope you could talk to him and hopefully you could put some sense in the bus drivers head or give him a sanction.also i am not sure if this will help but the bus driver was black and i am not sure when his shift is but it was around 8 - 9 and the back of the bus plate was YX12ABF and he was heading towards hackney wick

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