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Tony's complaint against Terravision

Tony Hutchinson


Dangerous driving by one of your drivers that almost resulted in a fatal accident

Complaint against Terravision

On 9th March between 8 and 8.30 am, approaching Marble Arch roundabout, I noticed a Terravision coach that suddenly appeared to move to the left in front of me without signalling. The driver failed to complete the move and continued to drive round the roundabout straddling two lanes, making it difficult for other drivers to anticipate exactly what he intended to do. On reaching the Oxford Street exit, I needed to be in the left hand lane in order to make my turn left . The Terravision driver, still straddling two lanes, moved even further left, trapping me between him and a lorry on my left , which was turning into Edgeware Road. There was very nearly a major collision, which could have had serious consequences. The Terravision driver then proceeded to drive straight down Oxford Street and therefore had no need at all to be in the left hand lane. The coach registration is (YN?)64 AMX. The driver needs to be at least spoken to about this - next time we could be talking about a fatality caused by this drivers actions. And also, it doesn't seem like a good idea to allow such a dangerous driver to be in charge of a vehicle with your company branding all over it - not a good advertisement for your company.

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Tony Hutchinson | | VERIFIED

still no response from Terravision - obviously don't care. So perhaps this bad driver is a perfect representative for this company !
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