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susan's complaint against Manchester Airport

susan skerry


autistic daughter

Complaint against Manchester Airport

we travelled 17th with my adhd/asd 7 yr old daughter , she was wearing a lanyard .we went through secruity she bleeped and I bleeped , she was took to one side and I was took to one side to be checked , but my daughter got frightened due to a lack of not understanding she wanted me , I got checked but I had to wait to go in the scanner , my daughter was crying and was backed into a corner frightened like a scared animal , I was angry and upset because I wasn't allowed to be with her until I was searched , there was a lot of staff trying to tell her it's ok and wanted to remove her shoes this caused a major meltdown , the manger said in the end if she's not let you check her in 2 minutes they would have to close the terminal down .I feel very upset and frustrated that we have to experience this mostly for my daughter , there was 9 of us traveling that day and it was the most stressful part which caused my daughter's anxiety to be very high all day and caused her to have had a night tremor, I understand you need to be careful and check everyone I'm all for security but I would not like to have to go through this nightmere again , I would of gladly been willing for me and my daughter to go in a room and be checked instead off the way we was checked and my daughter being so frightened .thank you Susan skerry

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