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lorraine's complaint against Manchester Airport

lorraine owen


staff very rude and obnoxious

Complaint against Manchester Airport

i travelled with my family on 18th june from manchester to glasgow airport, i cannot believe the way we were treated by the security staff, the way they shouted in an angry and aggressive manner, they were rude, obnoxious grumpy and stressed, it was the worst experience we have ever had in an airport,. it was quite traumatic, they didnt treat us like paying customers, more like cattle being herded!,...they seemed angry that some travellers had left liquids or electrical goods in the suitcases etc, they were shouting at us. and being angry.when the older gentleman staff at the security area where i was asked to put my stuff into the trays asked me if i had liquids in my suitcase i replied "no their in a clear sealed bag" he replied- " ye thats what everyone says"! he was very argumentative, as if looking for an argument,.he really stressed people out i feel your staff need some training , we all get stressed in our jobs, however your staff at security on this day was not acceptable.

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