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Jennifer's complaint against Manchester Airport

Jennifer Slater


Wheelchair helpers

Complaint against Manchester Airport

Arrived in Manchester Airport on Tuesday 6th on the Etihad flight arriving at 6 40 am. I got off the plane after asking one of the flight attendants said to walk down the ramp where the wheelchairs were. There were 3 more people in this area. In the room behind us were the wheelchairs and the crew that pushed them. One of these came out and asked why had we left the plane we should have been the last ones off. The gentleman waiting with his wife said we are here the wheelchairs are here you are here can you just take us down we were met by anger saying no just stand in the corner and wait until we are ready. Spoken to like 2 year olds. I had just finished 22 hours o travel all that was needed was to be taken to customs and get out as soon as luggage arrived. I asked the guy who pushed me why she spoke this way to passengers and was told she speaks like that to everyone. I have used the wheelchairs a few times in the past 5 years and never been spoken to this way. I did ask who she was and was given her name. I was really upset being spoken to this way and certainly don't need it when weary jet lagged just needing to get home. Regards Jenny Slater

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