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David's complaint against Go North East

David Glebdinning


[LAPSED] 309 service to Newcastle Haymarket is garbage.

Complaint against Go North East

I work at Northern Powergrid at Shiremoor. There is a bus stop right outside. I have been getting the bus to Newcastle city centre aboard the 309 for a few months now and I can recall possibly two occasions that this service ran on time. Today was the final straw when the 15:10 pm bus didn't show at all, and the 15:25 bus was five minutes late. However these two busses both appeared at 15:30pm What sort of service is this? It's a damned disgrace. what's the point in have a schedule if you can't even stick to it? Now I can understand certain factors may cause delays, but one bus being twenty minutes late, and the other one another five? Unacceptable. For those of us who don't drive or can't drive for whatever reason, who rely heavily on the transportation services you provide, we should not have to stand around for half an hour and watch buses go past us in the other direction only to have multiple buses turn up late. Please, for the love of God, sort out your schedules. It's inefficient and ultimately embarrassing.

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Go North East | | VERIFIED

Hi David - thanks for your comments. We can certainly look into this for you, but if you would like a response we would need your contact details. If you want to do this, drop us your details using one of the methods on this link. Thanks https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/
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