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Alina's complaint against Go North East

Alina Main


[LAPSED] An accident caused by a sharp brake

Complaint against Go North East

On October 26th. 2017, I was traveling on your bus from Bensham Road, Bensham Jockey to Gateshead Interchange. About 10 minutes into the journey , when we were at Regent Street junction,in front of the Civic Center, the bus suddenly jolted to a stop. I believe the driver tried to avoid a collision with a car.It was about 12:25. I was using my Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile at the time. The jolt sent my mobile flying along the bus, and it landed beside the driver. I showed it to the woman who sat next to me, when she asked if it was ok. It was not ok, the screen was all smashed and it was not working properly. I took it for repairs, but they are not sure if it's possible. Therefore, I would like to make a claim for either cost of repair, or a replacement, as it was not my fault. The evidence ( photo of the mobile and the ticket ) are available on request. Kind regards Alina Main

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Lapsed. Alina has not responded in 90 days

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Go North East | | VERIFIED

Hi Alina - I'm sorry this has happened. We generally advise all customers to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. We will however look into this further if you conatct us direct at https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/
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