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Leroy's complaint against Go North East

Leroy Johnson


[LAPSED] Asking an elderly black man to show his pass after a positive registration.

Complaint against Go North East

I boarded the bus at Derwent Street about 14.51.I placed my Freedom Pass on the machine used validate passes.My pass was positively validated. I was therefore surprised when the driver asked to look at my pass. He told me after inspecting my pass that my picture was fading somewhat. I went to sit down but could not help asking the question why did he ask me to show him my pass when this has never happened to me before. I am not making any judgement. I need be assured that the driver did not select me because I am a "Black Elderly"man. I do not wish you to think that I am overly sensitive as I have played a major role in organisations in challenging discriminatory attitudes. On leaving the bus I informed the driver that I intended to complain about his behaviour because he said if the picture was unclear he would have confiscated my pass. As a pensioner from London spending time in New Castle,how would I have travelled around the city? What was disturbing was how he tried to involve members of public in our private conversation at the end of the journey. He accessed me of calling him a 'racist' because I said I believed I was unfairly selected by him to show my pass. He was extremely angry and threatened to call the police.

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Lapsed. Leroy has not responded in 90 days

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Hello Leroy - I'm sorry that you feel this way. We are a friendly bunch in the North and always treat everyone with the same respect. If you feel this needs looked into further if you can give us contact details and get in touch using this link. https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/
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