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Erin's complaint against Go North East

Erin Taylor


[RESPONDED] Bus drivers attitude

Complaint against Go North East

I was waiting for 12A bus on the 28th November 2016 to go to Newcastle Eldon Square. It was due at 17:14 but did not turn up until 17:23. When the bus pulled up at the stop I asked a young women if she wanted to get on first since she was there before me and as she was about to reply the bus driver shouted at us telling us to hurry up which I found disrespectful I understand how stressful being a bus driver is since my stepdad is one but I would never shout at someone like he did to us. Then once I got on I asked for a £1 under 18 ticket and give him my money as I received the ticket I headed up the bus when he shouted of me back and said "you mean a child's ticket" he said to me with attitude as I looked at the ticket he give me it was a £1.50 ticket so he shook his head at me then give me my ticket. And while I was on the bus he kept on slamming his brakes which made everyone jolted forward and hit his horn multiply of times and the way he was speaking to other passengers getting on was unacceptable.

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Go North East | | VERIFIED

Hi Erin - I have passed the details to our Customer Services Department who will log this in the system. If you want to drop us your contact details, please do so using the link here. Thanks https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/

Erin Taylor | | VERIFIED

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