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Maddie's complaint against Go North East



[LAPSED] Bus times and busses not coming at all

Complaint against Go North East

I always get the bus and it's really important that I get it on time as I am doing work for my GCSE's and I'm at a very strict school so punctuality is very important. I've been into school late and it's on my record already due to my usual bus coming far to early then there being no other bus until a bus that is supposed to come at 8:04 and it's coming 14 minutes late. I get the 20 both to and from school and I'm very disappointed. Furthermore, when getting the bus home I have to get on a crammed bus that's been late. The claim of coming every ten minutes needs to be erased as it's untrue, changed or the busses times amended. Not only are they crowded, but today a bus came at 3:28 which I missed then another at 4:07. Please get this amended

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Go North East | | VERIFIED

Hi Maddie - this has been passed to our Customer Services Department, so if you can drop us your contact details using one of the methods on this link. https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/ Thanks
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