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Elaine 's complaint against Go North East

Elaine Groody


[RESPONDED] Driver attitude

Complaint against Go North East

I was waiting for the 39 bus at liidil grangetown, I was taking a call on my mobile with my right hand, I saw the bus approaching , I walked out of the bus stop to the kerb, I had a shopping bag on my left hand which I lifted to show I was wanting to board, the bus began to go past me I looked at the driver who shook his head then stopped, I boarded the bus, I said " I put my hand out" his reply in an aggressive tone " u didn't, " I replied " I did" he replied again " u didn't, you are to busy on your phone " his tone was raised and aggressive, I walked into the bus and sat down and continued with my call, I explained the situation to the person I was calling, the driver shouted from his cab" you are to busy on your phone" I was humiliated the bus was full. I told the driver while alighting the bus, I was going to complain as I was not going to be spoken to in that way, his deminer changed and said softly you should have put your hand out. The driver should not have stopped for me if he thought it was dangerous. If he had simply said, I did not see you put your hand out I would have thanked him for stopping. I am extremely disappointed and angry about this. I rang to complain and was told it would be dealt with and no conclusion, I would expect an apology from the manager as how do i know it has been I investigated

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Go North East | | VERIFIED

Hello Elaine - this has been sent through to the depot for feedback and investigation, which there has been a delay on. Sorry aboout that. Would you mind confirming your email address to [email protected] and we can pick it up from there. Thanks

Elaine Groody | | VERIFIED

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Elaine Groody | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message
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