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Melissa's complaint against Go North East

Melissa Popov


Duplicate charges for bus pass

Complaint against Go North East

I have a go north east key card that I pay for through my employer and I had to apply for a new pass as it was coming to the end of my annual pass. I sent the form through and without checking the dates they processed the application and I have been charged twice this month as apparently I applied too early. Neither my employer nor Go north east picked up on the fact that I only have one pass but that I have been charged double for this. I can only use one pass at a time so I am being charged for something that is not available to me. I have contacted my employer who have said that there is nothing they can do and I have contacted Go North East twice and haven't even had a single message back from them. I feel that someone should have picked up the impossibility of using one pass twice and therefore you shouldn't be able to be charged for the same pass twice. I have paid around £75 too much for this and this is a significant amount of money for me.

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