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Miss Suzzi's complaint against Go North East

Miss Suzzi Nelson


[RESPONDED] Misinformed by bus driverm sold wrong tickets, accused of lying, etc etc

Complaint against Go North East

My friend and I were travelling to North Shields from Washington Galleries. We do not normally travel by bus but as i have had 7 operations since January 2017 i am unable to drive. Therefore we relied on the staff giving us the correct information and tickets. We told the driver that we needed to travel to North Shields on the bus and back. He and the other member of staff present on the bus at the time discussed which route and asked us where we wanted to go in North Shields . My friend had researched the bus numbers and said we needed the 306 from Haymarket to Preston Road. The driver told us we would need a day saver each and he said that we could use this on both buses there and back.We asked if he was absolutely sure. He said "Yes". We paid £12.80 at 13.11 for the 2 day savers. When we reached Newcastle we got on the bus at Haymarket with no trouble then to Preston Road to our destination. The bus driver looked at our tickets as we boarded and nodded and smiled as we sat down. We left Preston Road for the journey back to Washington late on the evening at 10.21. The bus arrived and we got on only to be told we could not use the 306 with the day saver. We told the driver that we had come all the way from Washington using the tickets the washington bus driver had issued. He told us we did not go from Haymarket to Preston Road using the tickets we had. We told him we did and he then accussed us of lying saying "I hear what you are telling me , but i know you wont have used those tickets. I asked him why he was accussing us of lying he said " you did not get here using those tickets and said if you want to get home you will have to pay for tickets. My friend was in a bad way as has breathing problems and we didnt have enough money for more tickets so we had to ask someone if we could have £1.00 . The bus driver not only accussed us of lying but put us in an embarrasing position and my friend in a worrying position as she needed to get home as not at all well. Not to mention the thought of being stranded in a place we didnt know late at night. We were then made to pay for more bus tickets costing £5.60 . The trip totalled to £18.40 which was shocking. I expect a quick response from you regarding this awful experience and a refund due to the incorrect information given by staff who should know which bus goes where and which tickets can be used on which bus, tickets not fit for purpose, stress late at night, fear of being stranded miles from home with no thought or regard for our situation or safety by the bus driver, being accused of lying by the bus driver in North Tyneside etc etc. The driver number on the day saver tickets is 1443 although the ink is pale on the tickets so this may be wrong. The driver number on the return journey is 41761. Awaiting your reply, Miss Suzzi Nelson.

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Go North East | | VERIFIED

Hi Suzzi - thanks for the detail on this matter. Could you possibly drop us your contact details using one of the channels on this page please. Thanks https://www.gonortheast.co.uk/contact/

Miss Suzzi Nelson | | VERIFIED

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