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Complaint against Go North East

It occurred on: 9/09/2019 My partner and I bought our usual return tickets to Newcastle as this is our place of work. Arrived at the usual bus stop to go home at 5.10pm and waited over an hour for the bus to arrive (Along with around 20-30 other patrons). No signage was placed on the bus stop to state any issues and the electronic timetable guide consistently said the first bus, and then the next and then the next was due. However despite numerous others passing this one did not turn up. Called the customer services contact number at 5.30pm and waited on hold for around 20 minutes before giving up. Another patron then informed everyone that the bus was cancelled due to some race that was going on in the city. Called again the following day to raise a complaint and waited another 20 minutes on hold. Eventually spoke with someone in the customer services team who was very dismissive, defensive and rude. Demonstrated 0 interest in my issue and said it was tough luck and not their fault. When I asked why they were so uninterested they hung up on me after telling me I was 'whinging too much'. To summarise the issue: - We should have been informed by bus drive on morning about no service on evening. - bus stop should have had signage stating this. - electronic prompter should not have been stating the bus was due when it was cancelled. - customer service is non existent and a disgrace for a company of your size. This meant that Not only did we pay for 2 return tickets which Go North east could not deliver the service for, we also had to get a taxi home as no other bus runs to our home. Also wasted an hour of our time on the day and a further 40 mins to customer services next day

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