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Marie's complaint against Go North East

Marie Docherty


[LAPSED] Unable to reach work .due to changing timetables to saturday service on a weekday service

Complaint against Go North East

I currently buy a weekly pass.but was unable to reach my destination by bus due to timetable by your company being changed from a normal working day service to a saturday service.which ended by me having to terminate my journey in holmeside sunderland.walking up to sunderland interchange to find no bus to continue my journey to work.i therefore had to take a taxi to my work place.which cost me the sum of £5.00 which i did get a receipt for.it would not have bothered me as much but i am a cook and needed to be at work before 7.30am to prepare breakfasts for residents .i managed to get there at 7.35 am.but only by taking a taxi.very unhappy about changes as people still have to get to work on normal working days.

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I'm very sorry to hear this, Marie. Our timetables for the Christmas and New Year period were advertised well over a month before they were in place. I'll pass your feedback on about Saturday timetables to the relevant department for consideration next year. Again, I apologise for the inconvenience they caused.
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