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Gary's complaint against Cathy Pacific

Gary Wang


Reservations / Refunds at Cathay Pacific, fiasco.. Letter to CEO John Slosar.

Complaint against Cathy Pacific

Dear CEO Mr John Slosar, I am a Regular flyer and use Cathay pacific as my Carrier and also with Friends. I purchased a Refundable ticket for my Friend and alas had to cancel the ticket and was promised a Refund of £780:90 afterover £60 was taken off. This refund was sent to my Old HSBC account in error as your staff were informed this account had been closed for some months. At the time I asked for a refund and calling Twice there after I was informed by Reservations at Cathay pacific UK who spoke to the refunds department that My recently used New bank card at Nationwide would be the card this £780:90 refund would be made to, indeed they give the correct last Four Digits and Correct expiry dates of my Ne Bank card! After this refund was made on the 27th April 2016 I was left to phone around wondering where my money had gone to, Phoning Banks and Cathay Pacific several times. Finally Cathay Pacific Reservations said the refunds department had sent it to my Old Closed HSBC account Not what I was informed twice before by them, and I should call the bank myself and ask for a Cheque to be sent to me, Literally washing their hands of it! HSBC did not wish to know telling me its up to Cathay pacific "They sent the funds!" they said and I had to wait over 30 Minutes in a phone Q to hear that! Cathay pacific were contact several times by phone since with this update and asked where my refund of £780:90 is, and finally Your VERY slow to respond to emails and phone calls 'UK Cathay Pacific Refunds department' actually called me (7th May 2016) while I was left to again contact my Old closed bank at HSBC. HSBC said Cathay pacific should contact them and ask for a "Payment Raise" (a Search for funds). I had to contact Cathay Pacific UK Refunds Via your UK Reservations to explain this again. I was informed finally on Friday 6th May 2016 by Your Cathay Pacific Refunds department a M/s Clara Ndovi who still had No Idea where my Refund of £780:90 had gone, they may know more by next week? Several expensive Phone calls later to all concerned, Including Cathay pacific UK Reservations, Refunds, HSBC, CAA, Financial Ombudsman etc, etc I still have NO Idea when I will get my £780:90 Refund and this whole appalling Unprofessional Treatment has left me Financially in difficulties, with Huge phone costs and extreme upset that has led to ill health due to the Burden of Phone calls, Time & energy attempting to resolve this mess and distress unnecessarily created by Cathay Pacific UK Refunds Department etc. I am Utterly appalled at the way I have been treated as a Loyal Cathay pacific customer who thought Cathay pacific was Better and more professional than this? Still My Refund of £780.90 is nowhere in Sight. I have made a complaint To the CAA and will be pursuing this vigorously I will be reviewing my Experiences in Consumer Reviews accross the globe and contacting BBC Watchdog to name but only a few. I am seeking compensation for the costs incured etc and a Full refund. This is Disgraceful the way I have been treated and I am horrorfied at the deliberate Indifference of all concerned at Cathay pacific concerning this Mess. No customer let alone a Regular Loyal Cathay Pacific customer should go through this Unprofessionalism. We look forward to your Response Please. Thank You.

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